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My goal is to promote the idea that it is never too late to be great and to live our very best lives. If you find this message to your liking please share the information about the book with others.

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My reasons for writing this book.

I decided to write this book because I once read that those who have had daunting challenges and overcome them have a moral duty to share their experiences.

In my earlier years I felt hopeless and helpless. When I found a way through everything life threw in my path and transformed my scars into stars my life became a testimony of hope. I offer my life experiences to others and hope it will remind them that it is not what happens to you that matters--but what you choose to do about it.

Bright blessings,

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First up...I wear many hats, literally and figuratively. I write professionally and along with my memoir I've Been There...My Testimony of Hope I have written a variety of books on healthy dynamic living. My hubs David and I have a personal development company called Fresh Beginnings. The website for the company is: www.fresh-beginnings.com David and I have been partners in life and business since 1990. We have no intention of retiring because we know that it is only work if you don't life it and we love what we do. The website for our personal development company Fresh Beginnings is: www.fresh-beginnings.com. We have a social network on Ning with the same name at www.freshbeginnings.ning.com the website for the book is www.ibtbook.com

Monday, December 24, 2012

Magic in Music Videos (playlist)

You Find Yourself Alone, Sometimes
Without A Home, No Protection
You Don't Know Which Way To Go
You're Lost, No Direction
Then, Suddenly, Out Of The Blue
Some Kind Of Magic Comes To You
You Don't Know How, You Don't Know Why
But Someday Gonna Take Off, Fly
Fly, Fly, Fly...
Make A Wish, Wish, Make A Wish, Wish
My Wish Would Be
To Be Free
To Be Wild
And To Be
Just Like A Child
And If I Get Lost
I Really Don't Mind
Cos' I'm Me (Free)
Doing Just Fine
(To Be Free)
You're Out In The Cold, Sometimes
As Far As You Can See, Misty
You Want To Run, Into The Sun
The Road Is Lost, Sand, Shifty
Suddenly, Out Of The Blue
Some Kind Of Magic Pushes You Through
You Don't Know When, How, Or Why
But Someday Gonna Take Off, Fly
Fly, Fly, Fly...
And If I Had A Wish
My Wish Would Be
(Repeat Chorus Three Times)
Just Like A Child
I Really Don't Mind
Cos' I'm Free,
Doing Just Fine

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